Friday, 14 November 2008


I have a very bad habit of not watching where I'm vacuuming. Jigsaw pieces, crayons & more have all disappeared into our Dyson never to be seen again (mainly because I'm not trawling through all that dust & fluff to retrieve a wee bit of coloured wax).

Well this time it was the turn of one of my spinning accessories, namely my orifice hook (yep, I vacuumed up my orifice hook - sounds painful eh?). It's just a wee length of metal, curved at one end & is supposed to hang from a length of ribbon tied to the mother-of-all. Why it was on the floor I do not know but I suspect Mhara & Rowan have something to do with it. However it happened I caught sight of it out the corner of my eye, just before it disappeared with a horrible rattling noise :0S

I've had a look & can't find it so guess what's on the agenda for hubby this weekend? Don't worry though - I've heard Dysons are easy to take apart.

In the meantime it's given me an excuse (like I need one) to have a fiddle with my beading stuff & I'm now the proud owner of this -

orifice hook

It was great fun to make & I suspect there'll be a few more to come.