Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Pratchgan - WIP part 1

I haven't had a lot to blog recently as all my crafting has been for swaps on Ravelry so I can't blog them until my swap partners get them.

HOWEVER . . . the Pratchgan is starting to come together nicely. I have 17 patterned squares (16 to sew in & 1 in reserve) plus 3 lettered squares for the logo.

My postie is already starting to give me strange looks when he hands over yet another parcel bearing a customs form that states it contains a knitted square - I'm not sure whether to put him out of his misery & tell him what I'm up to or wait until he cracks & asks first.

Anyway, enough waffling - I know you all want to see the pics.

This should look amazing when it's done :0)


Unknown said...

that's going to look amazing when it's done!

Jo said...

I cannot wait to see what it looks like all put together.

josla said...

This looks so fantastic it makes me want to learn to knit or crochet!

MJ said...

The librarian is class!