Thursday, 24 April 2008

Get your boobs out . . .

. . . for The Nipple Project.

Yet another fun project I've found while aimlessly browsing the forums on Ravelry - who could resist the opportunity to come up with your own representation of a nipple?

Not me obviously 'cos I sent 2 off last week -

Crocheted wire shell motifs & beach glass form this Selkie's Nipple (a Selkie is a mermaid in Scottish/Celtic folklore) inspired by our recent holiday at the seaside.

This one's titled Mother's Milk & was inspired by the fact I'm still missing breastfeeding Rowan even though we stopped 3 months ago now. It's crocheted in velvety soft pink chenille with little pearl 'milk ducts'.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I've been tagged . . .

. . . by Chickadee Cards, ages ago & haven't responded 'cos I've been neglecting my MN craft buddies to play around on Ravelry & didn't know anything about it (hangs head in shame). Still, I'm back now so here goes -

4 jobs I have had:

Part-time shop assistant in the Co-op (when I was at school).

Dental nurse (eeeuuurrrrgh!).

Admin assistant in a bank call centre's bankrupt & deceased department (happy, happy stuff - not).

SAHM - by far the best of the bunch :0)

4 favourite films:

Pitch Black
War of the Worlds
Interview with the Vampire
Pirates of the Caribbean (Curse of the Black Pearl)

4 places I've been:

Austria - with my Gran & Grandad when I was a wee girl to visit loads of relatives.
Glencoe - absolutely breathtaking.
Aviemore - on honeymoon in a pine log cabin.
North Berwick - building sandcastles in the snow with the DCs.

4 places I've lived:

& Fife!

4 favourite tv shows:

Doctor Who
The Mighty Boosh
Ummm - that's it!

4 favourite radio programs:


4 favourite foods:

Potato salad

4 places I'd rather be:

North Berwick

I nominate:

Dang, that's a hard one - I don't know who's already done this!

I'll get back to you.

I'm back - I nominate VintageKittykat :0)