Thursday, 24 April 2008

Get your boobs out . . .

. . . for The Nipple Project.

Yet another fun project I've found while aimlessly browsing the forums on Ravelry - who could resist the opportunity to come up with your own representation of a nipple?

Not me obviously 'cos I sent 2 off last week -

Crocheted wire shell motifs & beach glass form this Selkie's Nipple (a Selkie is a mermaid in Scottish/Celtic folklore) inspired by our recent holiday at the seaside.

This one's titled Mother's Milk & was inspired by the fact I'm still missing breastfeeding Rowan even though we stopped 3 months ago now. It's crocheted in velvety soft pink chenille with little pearl 'milk ducts'.


Katy said...

what lovely nipples you have. hehehe. I never thought I could say that to anyone!!

Heather said...

Definitely beautiful nipples! Tagged you for a meme. :-) 7 Random things.

Robyn said...

Love the extra thought of milkducts. Question, though? Does that one leak? :D Just kidding.