Thursday, 1 May 2008

I've been tagged again!

I've been tagged by Heather to post 7 random or just plain weird things about myself. I suspect it may take some time to come up with anything remotely interesting.

The rules:

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Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

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So, here we go then . . .

I love books. I have 2 book cases in my living room that are buckling under the weight of hundreds of tomes & boxes more in my bedroom.

On a related note - I have been known to take a day off sick from work if I have a brand new Discworld novel that requires my undivided attention.

I can't stand 'reality' TV or any so-called celebs. The only TV I watch is Doctor Who.

When I discover a new craft I get utterly obsessed & spend all my free time doing said craft. I also go & buy loads of stuff for it & when the obsession fades a little I think 'when am I ever going to use all of this?'.

I love Marmite. Absolutely adore the stuff. Unfortunately it doesn't love me back.

I used to have hair long enough to tuck into my jeans. I now have a short back & sides which still sometimes comes as a shock to my husband.

Allegedly I snore.

I'm going to tag . . .




Meridian Ariel





She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

I'm with you on the reality tv. How bored are we if we have to rely on that for "entertainment?"

And what does marmite taste like, anyway? I think I may have tried a little when I was visiting in Nairn, but the family I was staying with discouraged me - said if I hadn't tried before adulthood, I wouldn't like it!

Shirley said...

lol - I have no idea where to begin describing the taste of Marmite except to say that it's incredibly salty. I went bleurrrgh when I first tasted it on toast. Then I had another bite, and another. Then I'd finished one slice & started on a second :0D