Friday, 18 May 2012

You know . . .

. . . when something seems like a good idea at the the time & then you wonder what the hells you were thinking? Yeah. I managed to book myself in at two different schools today to do volunteer craft sessions. Thankfully, the schools are right across the road from each other 'cos I had to cart this little lot there this morning.
At one point I thought I was going to have to load the kids up like pack mules. First, I did two felt-making sessions this morning; 9am 'til 10:30am with the primary 1-2s & 10:45am 'til 12:15pm with the primary 3s. My hands are slathered in Neutrogena now & I'm hoping they stop stinging soon. Totally worth it though - look what the p1-2 class made.
A quick detour to Tesco & a cheese & tomato sandwich later, I was in the second school for the last in my block of 5 textiles sessions. We'd already done paper weaving and felt-making & I had planned to take the spinning wheel in today but the rotten weather put paid to that - there's no way I'm taking my wheel out in the rain. Instead, we had a look at & a play with some different types of fibre; Lincoln longwool, merino, guanaco, alpaca, camel & yak. These were pronounced stinky but soft. Then we had a twiddle of some drop spindles, made pictures with some unspun fibre & had a go at weaving on the peg loom.
Not bad for an hour's work!

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