Thursday, 11 October 2007

Proud Mummy Moment

I started buying Simply Knitting magazine a while ago (steadfastly ignoring the smirks of the cashiers in the newsagents - don't they know knitting is cool these days?) & have been inspired by a few articles & patterns. One of these was an article on knitting breasts for use in maternity hospitals, ante-natal classes etc to help show women how to express milk. I wound up knitting a breast for the breastfeeding group at our local health centre & took a picture of Rowan taking it for a 'test drive'. The picture was so cute I had to send it in to the magazine - lo & behold I opened the September issue to see my son grinning at me from the letters page.

Two months on I buy the November issue, open it & what do I see but Mhara modelling her Dr Who doll. Okay it shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise since I sent the pictures in myself but I didn't actually expect to have another one printed. I've now come to the conclusion that the postie on that round must have an easy shift 'cos the magazine can't get many letters (especially since I sent mine by email heh heh).

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tillyboo said...

Ah, the knitted booby. We had those at my breast feeding clinic. I remember it well - I couldn't stop giggling when I first clapped eyes on them but after a while found them to be a fab invention.

I always ended up with the huge knitted nipple one ha! ha!