Saturday, 1 December 2007

PRIZE DRAW - Help me name my Etsy shop

I want to sell all hand-crocheted goodies & would like my shop title to reflect this but I am rubbish at names.
Anyone who leaves a comment on this post or on my Mumsnet thread with a name suggestion before 10pm on Wednesday 5th Dec will go into a hat to win Bella Bunny. She is crocheted in chunky grey yarn & has felt eyes & nose. Her ears, paws & tail are made of lovely fluffy pink yarn.

Two runners up will each receive a lip gloss holder keyring. It comes with a lip crayon & is perfectly sized for a standard lip gloss tube with wand.

Please please please give me your suggestions for a name - funny, quirky or just plain weird I will consider them all.


Meridian Ariel said...

no idea off the top of my head what to name your shop but i will have a good think about it. the mouse is very cute by the way!

Katy said...

I like the name of your blog - woolly knit bits. But obviously you're crocheting so that doesn't work....hmmmm.....let me think.....

lucykate crafts... said...

how about something like wool 'n' craft?, leaves the door open for if you want to branch out into other crafts in the future as well as knitting and crochet

Leah @ SewToBed said...

My suggestion is "Hooked on Wool"

AnnieB said...

I like "Yarn Junkie" but some other ideas completely off the top of my head and likely to be fairly random are:
crochet motion
crochet commotion
crochet'n'quaver (TOO CHEESY!)
crochet'n'shiver (hmm, where am I goin with this?)
crochata (linked to the musical
crotchet and means HOOKED so is crochety too!)
crochet actually means "little hook" so you could call yourself something like The Little Hook Shop ...can't think of anymore, sorry these are so lame but they might set off a more useful thought in your brain at least!

Shirley said...

Some great suggestions so far - thank you:0)

Meridian Ariel said...

Addicted to Yarn
The Yarn Junkie's Shop
Craft Addict
Woolen Wonders ( or Wool N Wonders)
Wool and Wiskers
Crave'n Crafts

... I think I need more coffee

Kim said...

I'm thinking Yarn Junkie because it leaves the door open for knitting or chrocheting... plus it ties in with your blog! Or, per lucykate's suggestion, how about woolcraft?

Penny said...

I think yarn junkie would be good, then it would kinda go with your blog name.