Monday, 10 March 2008

More swapsies

I suspect I'll have to start numbering my swap posts soon - I've signed up for a fingerless glove swap & a pot-holder swap on Ravelry & a vintage swap on the MN Crafters blog. Never mind - swaps are great fun.

I recently took part in the Inaugural MN Crafters swap, an Easter themed swap where I was paired up with the wonderful Suzanne.

Suzanne makes gorgeous things (definitely go check out her blog) & is so fast! Just days after announcing the swap partners I received this in the mail

Aren't they gorgeous? The wee egg is hanging up in my bedroom (I'll move it downstairs for Easter) & I plan to give the card to the DCs so I can pinch it back for my memories book - sneaky eh?

And here's what I sent my victim - I mean swap partner

I had had vague thoughts about making this breakfast set as a yellow Easter chick 'til I discovered that Suzanne's fave colour is pink - cue a rapid rethink & a startlingly pink Easter bunny. The egg cosy bunny was hiding a Creme Egg which, Suzanne informs me, was washed down by a mug of hot chocolate :0D

All photo credits in this post go to Suzanne who is a much better photographer than me. Cheers m'dear!


Katy said...

lovely swap goodness there!!!
May I also say...that pratchgan is looking fab - WOW WOW and another WOW!!!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Ooh, you are too nice to me! Thanks for the comments, and I do love my swap present!

She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

How cute are these!

Fairysnuff said...

I really like the mug warmer and will be getting my knitting needles out tommorrow to copy.
Hope that is ok? :)

Thought I had better leave a comment cos I can feel BB's eyes on me.;)

murdo said...

Very impressive and a nice change from Easter chicks :)