Saturday, 13 September 2008

This is just so Kool!

When I first got back into knitting & crocheting I had zero interest in spinning my own yarn; I now have a spinning wheel, a handmade (by me) drop spindle & a turkish spindle. I also had no interest in dyeing yarn but now . . .

I've been playing with KoolAid.

This stuff is fabulous! All I need is some KoolAid sachets, cling film, medicine syringes (borrowed from the wee ones' Calpol) & the old steam sterliser & I can do stuff like this -


These are all English wool tops which started out a creamy white & I used just 4 flavours to get all these different shades.





The bottom one is called Strawberry Toffos (anybody remember those?) but the rest are all nameless as I have no imagination for stuff like that :0S

I can't wait to see how these spin up!

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Scottishf said...

Ooo very pretty, I haven't ventured into the dying yet. Looking forward to seeing them at the next stage.