Friday, 2 January 2009

A bunch of loonies

So while we're on the subject of charity fund-raising . . .

New Year's Day 2008; my mum, her sister Holda & sister-in law Jodie took part in the annual Loony Dook - they ran into the River Forth to raise money for Rachel House, a children's hospice here in Fife. Despite the fact that it was Baltic (we are in Scotland after all) my mum was the first to sign up to do it again this year.

Fast forward to New Year's Day 2009; sadly mum didn't get the chance to dook again this time for Breakthrough Breast Cancer so to honour her (& because I'd had a wee dram & it seemed like a good idea at the time) I decided to do it for her. It's amazing what seems like a good idea when you've had a drink.

We were lucky with the weather - the forecast had been for temperatures of -2C & sleet & snow; the actual weather was clear blue skies & sunshine. We all gathered at the prom in Kirkcaldy, 21 nervous individuals in our t-shirts & sashes -


Some of us (well okay, me) were having serious second thoughts -


The tide was out so after what felt like a mile trek we turned for a salute to the crowd (there really was a crowd, all in hats & coats - ds went around them all with a collection bucket lol) -


And we're off! -


My feet were numb already -


Yep, my auntie really had to hold me in the water -


I lost my shoe! If you look at the bottom of the pic you'll see bare tootsies - my feet were totally numb & I never even felt it come off -


That last one is me & my Aunt Jodie. My Auntie Holda (mum's sister) is in the background with her dh.

And yes - we're doing it again next year. It'll have to be unofficial tho' as this was the last official one & was done in mum's memory.



Littlelou said...

Well done you crazy lady! I'm sure wherever your mum is now you gave her a great laugh in her honour!
I didn't know they did a dook in Kirkcaldy or I might have come down (purely to spectate of course!).
May your 2009 be a good one despite your recent loss. xx

Zoe said...

Wow, looks cold! well done and fab blog!