Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dishpan hands, anyone?

So, my parcel arrived from World of Wool;
That's 250g of merino in 10 'brights' shades, 400g of shetland in 4 natural shades & 2.5KILOS of white merino. I opened that bag yesterday to get out 300g for the session I was doing & it just kind of exploded out of the bag. Trying to get it back in was like trying to close and over-stuffed suitcase, only I had no-one to sit on the lid while I closed the zip. I won in the end, but it was a close call. Anyway, the fibre was used in a felt-making session with some primary ones at school. It went really well & they loved the soapy, messy bit (unsurprisingly enough). Their current project is 'pets', so we've made the felt & the plan now is to cut it into shape & add googly eyes, ears, noses, tails & anything else no self-respecting pet should be without. Here's some of the finished felt, made by Rowan's class last week;
There's ten there & I have twelve more hanging to dry, plus twenty-one from yesterday's session still to be finished off, rinsed & tagged (have to make sure everyone gets their own piece back - they worked really hard on them). This should keep me busy for a while. Good job I have all my college work done. Before I go, here's one we made earlier;
These are sheep, made by the nursery kids out of their very own hand-made felt.

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