Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Crocheting my fingers to the bone . . .

The craft fair (fayre?) is on Saturday & I have spent the last fortnight with a crochet hook in hand. I don't think I've made eye contact with Iain all week & he, Mhara & Rowan are feeling a tad neglected.

Still, Iain's a bit happier tonight since I've given him an excuse to fiddle with his camera. A couple of things still need to be finished off but he's managed to photograph most of it so here goes;-

Hair slides, pony tail bands & barrettes (the ones with felt leaves)

Hair bands

Lip balm holders & lip gloss holders


Lavender pillows

A rabbit softie & 2 blanket buddies

Tree decorations. The robin is v cute but hasn't photographed very well. The one in the egg cup is a gnome btw - it was the only way I could make him stand up.

And finally for GingerMonkey . . .

. . . a cupcake bag ;0)


Katy said...

oh yes, that bag is VERY lovely!!!!!I'm a happy momkey now I've seen it!!! You have been sooooooooo busy, rest now, keep your energy for the weekend - you'll need it (smiling at all the people that poke your stuff and walk off, they do - it's very annoying y'know!)

AnnieB said...

well done - they are fabulous - I particularly love the lavender pillows actually - they look great with the gingham ribbons
good luck at the fair