Monday, 19 November 2007

Just a quickie

Okay I know I said I was having a week off to get ready for the craft fair & I meant it, honest, but my Auntie sent me some pics of the gifts I made for her 60th birthday so I thought I would share.

The vase was her 'proper' pressie & was knitted in Colinette Prism then felted in the washing machine & embellished with a crochet flower. The roses are wooden ones that I got from a market stall.


I also made a joke pressie of [[ahem]] knitted gents' genitalia for my mum to present to her at the party (all 3 sisters have rather a bawdy sense of humour). Thankfully she left his wee hat on for the pic so it's not quite as rude as it could be. I weighted the bottom by sticking a glass pebble into 2 balloons (pink ones - poor Iain walked in in the middle of the operation & was horrified) & tying the 2 ends together. It actually gives it a realistic feel [[blush]] & makes it stand up on its own. One of my Auntie's friends spent the whole party stroking the darn thing & tried to smuggle it home - she's asked me to knit one for her the same only bigger :-0

(I'm not sure how long this pic'll stay on the blog so snigger while you can)


lucykate crafts... said...

: o

i'm speechless!!!, you're soooo naughty ; )

tillyboo said...

Hilarious !

Gonna show my hubby tonight, he thinks all we talk about is sewing, fabric, buttons & stuff like that .... how wrong can one man be eh ?

Katy said...

that is hilarious, I'm just picturing the old lady stroking away, lol!

Clang Clang said...

Oooh this is the first time i have visited your blog and i've come over all faint x i hope it's always this exciting!

Angela-Brambleberries said...

Hilarious, I'm just imagining you having a little stash of these 'under the table' at your craft fair and little old ladies carrying them away in brown paper bags!!

Angela xx