Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I mean really, seriously? No blog posts for the whole of 2011? I know I've been busy with family and college and miscellaneous other stuff but really, how could I have missed an entire YEAR? Closer to a year and a HALF, even! Oh well, now's as good a time as any to rectofy that, right? So, what have I been up to? Well, for most of the last year and a half I've been busy taking exams and writing essays, but all that is about to change because in a few weeks I should be a qualified early years worker, with an HNC and everything! Then I get to decide whether to go on and do my degree, like my tutor wants me to do, or get a job, like my husband wants me to do. But thankfully, I don't have to decide anything yet. On the crafting front, I haven't had an awful lot of time. I did publish a few patterns last year, most of them available on ravelry. There was Celtic Mittens, Peony Corsage, Midwinter's Eve neckwarmer and Weeping Angel Statue. In between times, I've been running spinning, weaving and felt-making sessions at a few local primary schools and nurseries and, the best bit, I taught Mhara to knit!
She's wearing her first-ever project, a garter stitch wristband, & showing off her stash, which is growing almost as fast as mine. I've also been trying my hand at needlework;
and really need to get my sewing machine serviced so I can tackle the FIVE sewing kits I just bought in a rav destash. Anyway, I really need to go stalk the postie just now since I'm waiting on a 3.1 KILOGRAM(!) order from World of Wool. Sadly, none of it is for me but for the felt-making sessions I'm doing over the next few weeks. At least Iain can't complain, since it won't be staying in the house long enough for him to trip over.


Tracy said...

Welcome back!

Shirley said...

Thanks, Tracy :0)