Friday, 2 July 2010

I love my postie

I do. I probably couldn't pick the man out of a line-up but I love him anyway because of all the pretty parcels he brings me.

Here are today's goodies -

Lurking at the bottom of the pile is a set of weaving sticks from The Handweaving Company to help keep the kids occupied during the holidays. I ordered them yesterday afternoon & they arrived today with free delivery - result!

The yarnz came in a package all the way from France & were sent by the lovely Yvette, a raveller who I'm hoping to get to meet sometime soon. There's a skein of Colinette Banyan, a cotton blend that's destined to become a crocheted hairband to keep my out-of-control hair off my face while it grows out a bit (keep an eye out 'cos the pattern will be going up on the blog as a freebie), a partial skein of Fyberspates Sparkle Sock & some glittery gold & silver yarn so I can make a properly metallic version of this -

Yes, I know it looks like a marital aid for robots but it's actually the sonic screwdriver that Rowan asked me to make so he & his sister can play Doctor Who properly.


Christine said...

I can't believe you're knitting a sonic screwdriver - you must be officially THE coolest mum, ever!

Shirley said...

lol thank you very much :0D

He's happy with the original, non-metallic version so I may keep the new one all to myself.

Katrina said...

I was afraid to try knitting one up for my kids thinking it would look like a love aid device.
your looks great!
keep up the cool work!
Katrina in AZ