Saturday, 3 July 2010

Playing with sticks & string

So, I got my weaving sticks yesterday & since I have zero patience or willpower - who wants delayed gratification when you can have the instant kind? - I had a wee fiddle around with them last night.

The end result of a couple of happy hours cutting, winding & braiding is a hairband that is currently holding (most of) my mop out of my eyes.

Here's an action shot.

Yes, I know I look a little deranged but it's damn hard to take a decent picture of the top of your own head without a mirror, which is why I gave up & decided to go with a rotten shot instead. I'd have asked Iain to help but he's busy watching the football & I'm too impatient to wait 'til half-time - this may change if the pic I've just uploaded is really as bad as it looked on the camera screen.

Edit - woo, you can tell I didn't sleep well last night, can't you?

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